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Mummy of the week

18 Jan, 2016

Mummy of the week


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Connie is mummy to her gorgeous daughter, Portia. When she is not busy fulfilling her role as Mum, she is writing creative content for businesses through her own company, Integrated Copy. Connie feels that being able to run a business from home, means spending more time with her daughter, which naturally, she adores. The Nanny Emporium team sits down with this Mummy to find out how she juggles it all and runs a successful business...

Tell us about your family...

We have an amazing daughter, Portia, who's about to turn 12 and start high school eek - she's totally ready but it's taking us a little bit to get used to. We're also about to welcome a new fur-baby soon.

What do you love most about being a Mum?

That it's constantly changing as your child grows - watching them master things that just a few months before they struggled to do on their own.

What has been one of your favourite memories about motherhood so far?

I flew to Melbourne when Portia was about 3 years old to attend a friend's wedding and it was the first time I'd travelled that far with her without hubby - I was pretty nervous. When we got off the plane people complimented her behaviour (some people even commenting that they hadn't realised I was travelling with a child) and I remember thinking not only 'I've so got this' but also how proud I was of this gorgeous little human being we'd created and the polite girl she was. Now, like all kids, she has had her moments but on the whole she's one pretty awesome person and I have some truly great motherhood memories to look back on already.

Other than being a Mum, what are you most passionate about?

I've created a content and social media agency, Integrated Copy, that I run from home - I get to spend more time with my daughter and at the same time help other small business to compete online and grow their businesses. I get to work with such a wide range of amazingly talented and passionate people from around the country and across the world. No two days are ever the same - I love it. And I get to work in my togs in summer and slippers in winter which is an awesome bonus!

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/IntegratedCopy/?fref=ts

Instagram www.instagram.com/integratedcopy

Website www.integratedcopy.com

What baby product can you not live without and why?

Well it's been a while but, from memory, the Gaia Natural Baby products - they smelt fantastic, are all natural and the bath wash always helped settle Portia for a sleep. Their massage oil is especially great for baby massage/bonding time.

When hiring a nanny, what qualities would you look for in the applicant?

We used a combination of a nanny and child care over the years and the number one thing I always looked for is whether or not I could talk to them. Open communication between parents and care providers is so important. We were so lucky always having fantastic people caring for Portia when we couldn't be there - so much so that I'm now friends with them.

What is your fondest memory of being pregnant?

Getting home from work on a stinker of a Queensland summer day, plonking down on the couch under the air con with a wet face washer spread over my enormous tummy and my dog coming to rest his head on my stomach for cuddles only to have Portia kick him in the head from inside. He was pretty puzzled at the time. A month or so later when we brought Portia home I took up the same position with her on top of me. The dog put his head down, she kicked him again. It was a light bulb moment - he figured out who/what she was somehow and became her instant protector/best friend.

What's one of the things that you least expected about motherhood?

How yucky it was but how much you wouldn't care. Motherhood can be seriously messy but when it's your baby it just doesn't bother you.

Sometimes life can get a little crazy, what do you do to stay sane?

Music! When things get a little crazy, even now, I just pop on some music and it instantly helps to restore my calm - and if I have a bit of a dance and singalong (often while cooking dinner) then all the better.

What's your favourite activity that you and your children love to do?

Might sound a little boring but just snuggling up together. We pick a movie, make some popcorn and jump into bed together! It's those quiet times I love the most.

Is there any advice you can give to mums-to-be?

We're all just making it up as we go along so don't compare your motherhood journey to anyone else's. If you need help, just ask for it but don't sweat the small stuff. Your baby won't remember what you dressed them in, whether you breast fed or bottle fed, whether you used cloth or disposables...they'll just remember that they were loved.

Oh, and enjoy it - they grow up so fast and soon enough they'll be all 'Oh, Mum' when you hug them in public.



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