Meet Jax, our Mummy of the week

Meet Jax, our Mummy of the week

Jax & her gorgeous family made the move from East Sydney to Bangalow & have never looked back. Jax reminds all her fellow mums that when it comes to motherhood 'Be gentle with yourself, we are all doing the best we can...'


Tell us about your family…

My little family consists of my partner Troy (soon to be husband come October), my 8yr old daughter Phoenix, my youngest daughter Chilli Rose, our dog Dale, our cat Percy and our Chooks. We all are originally from the East of Sydney but now live our lives in a small town of Bangalow in the Byron Shire.

What is your fondest memory of being pregnant?

I would have to say having a belly. There is nothing more beautiful and nurturing for a woman than to know they have a life they created in their tummy. It's rather strange and wonderful all at the same time!

What do you love most about being a Mum?

I love cuddles in bed and those moments when your kids look at you and say "I love you Mum", those are the moments that I realise how much I love being a Mummy.

What has been one of your favourite memories about motherhood so far?

I really don't think I can pick just one. Everyday with my kids is magical...

What's one of the things that you least expected about motherhood?

That you could love someone more than you ever thought was possible.

What is the biggest lesson that motherhood has taught you so far?

To be patient and slow down. Everything takes a little longer with kids haha!

What values do you think are the most important to instil in your children?

To be honest with themselves and love who they are. Also to respect everyone, each person is on their own journey and it's so important to always have compassion.

Other than being a Mum, what are you most passionate about?

I love Crystals! I am lucky enough to work at Crystal Castle in Mullumbimby. It doesn't help my bank account though haha. I also have a Mobile Spray tan business called The Bronze Goddess Byron Bay. I created it a year ago and it is doing really well. I cater for all occasions and I come to you. You can find me on Instagram @thebronzegoddessbyronbay

What baby product can you not live without and why?

Homemade Lavender Oil. I would buy Lavender pure essential oil and mix with jojoba oil. It is great for Mum too.

When hiring a nanny, what qualities would you look for in the applicant?

I would have to say number one would be references, number two would be using my intuition. Most of the time you can feel if things are right.

Sometimes life can get a little crazy, what do you do to stay sane?

Wines with my friends, it is so important to put you first and not forget about yourself. There is nothing better then laughs, dancing and being you.

Is there any advice you can give to mums-to-be?

Be gentle with yourself, what ever you do for your baby is right by you and may not be for others. Listen to your child and don't get caught up with the word "failure". We are all doing the best we can!

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