Meet Mel, Our Mummy of the Week

Meet Mel, Our Mummy of the Week

The gorgeous Mel sat down with The Nanny Emporium to talk about  family, fur babies & her fierce love for her beautiful baby Mila. 'The first time I laid eyes on her. I already felt so connected to her but as soon as I held her and her eyes met mine, my heart and soul were instantly whole.'


Tell us about you and your family...

My little family consists of myself- a 25 year old kiwi, my fiancé Rob - a 34 year old, originally from England, our 6 year old staffy X lab called Jasper and our beautiful baby daughter - Mila!

We live in Perth, Western Australia and we love the lifestyle here ❤

What is your fondest memory of being pregnant?

I personally had a really tough pregnancy. I had severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum which made me very ill and then I also found out I had Preeclampsia. Even though my pregnancy wasn't what I expected and a lot of the time I wanted it to be over, I was just so in love with the fact that I was growing my very own angel! I am in awe of the female body!

What do you love most about being a Mum?

I love the love my daughter brings me. I already know that she loves me. I love being able to settle her and feel her heart beat against my chest and know that she feels safe and content with me. It's a love like no other!

What has been one of your favourite memories about motherhood so far?

Oh my goodness! So many memories! I would have to say, the first time I laid eyes on her. I already felt so connected to her but as soon as I held her and her eyes met mine, my heart and soul were instantly whole.

What's one of the things that you least expected about motherhood?

I had no idea how many amazing ladies I would meet just because I am now a mother too! It's been quite amazing finding like minded mothers that I can bond with and seek advice from. I had no idea there was this big community of cool mums out there!

What is the biggest lesson that motherhood has taught you so far?

The biggest lesson that motherhood has taught me would probably be that even when you feel like you aren't doing a great job and that you are failing, you aren't. You are raising a beautiful child and as long as they are happy and healthy then that's all that matters.

What values do you feel are the most important to instill into your child/children and why?

I am a big believer in Self Love. I think it is so important to love yourself and be confident in who you are in order to live a happy and healthy life. I personally struggled with this growing up and was constantly comparing myself to others and I am so determined to show my child that you must love yourself for who you are, that she is worthy and that she is special and perfect just the way she is.

Other than being a Mum, what are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about animals and their welfare. I previously volunteered at a dogs refuge and if I could adopt all the dogs in the world, I would! Actually.. not just dogs.. all the animals!!

What baby product can you not live without and why?

I am a huge fan of baby wearing and I don't know how I would have gotten through the first few months without my Elki baby wrap! I literally wore Mila every single day! They are breathable and they look amazing too!

When hiring a nanny, what qualities would you look for in the applicant?

I would definitely look for a reliable and fun applicant. Reliable because being a mother means you need to be organised and you need reliable people in your life in order to get things done AND fun because my daughter is my main priority. She needs to have fun and be happy for me to be happy.

Sometimes life can get a little crazy, what do you do to stay sane?

I need to have at least two coffees a day to function but having coffee with girlfriends.. that is what keeps me sane!

What's your favourite activity that you and your children love to do?

Mila is still quite little but every day she is growing into her own little person and I have noticed that if she's a little bit restless, it's always a good idea to dance with her! Mila loves music! And so do I!

Is there any advice you can give to mums-to-be?

Listen to you gut instinct. You know your baby better than anyone else. If you feel like something isn't right then listen to yourself. Also, no matter what you do, you are doing the right thing for your baby. As long as your baby is healthy and happy then you are doing amazing!

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