Terms and Conditions

Subscribers of The Nanny Emporium must tick a box to to agree to our Terms and Conditions upon registration. During the registration process, a link to the Terms and Conditions page will appear and can also be located on the homepage.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Registration and use of this site will be mandated by all stipulations in the Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions are subject to change, in which case, users will be notified. Continued use of the site will indicate your agreement to the amended Terms and Conditions. Any objections to the Terms and Conditions should result in your discontinuation as a user on the site.

How to become a member of the site

In order to use the services on the site; nannies and babysitters must agree to the Terms and Conditions, be over 18 years old and parents must agree to the Terms and Conditions and pay the nominated subscription fee.

How the site works

The Nanny Emporium is an online database domain, which allows parents, nannies and babysitters to network and share jobs. The site allows nannies and babysitters to apply for jobs and advertise their services, by setting up personal profiles. Nannies and babysitters will be provided with a free online subscription to the website, while parents are required to pay for their online subscription, based on the length of time they wish to sign up for. Additionally, users can subscribe to the Weekly Nanny Activity Pack, which will contain a range of educational activities to engage and stimulate young children. The site provides users with a range of resources, including guidelines, templates, advice and a blog with relevant articles. The site provides parents, nannies, mannies and babysitters with a domain to network. The Nanny Emporium is not a recruitment agency and has no affiliation to the employment between parents, nannies and babysitters. We do not review, screen or recommend nannies and babysitters listed on the site. The site should only be used for initial contact between parents, nannies and babysitters. All further steps within the recruitment process should be used outside of the site. Parents are responsible for contacting, screening and recruiting nannies or babysitters. The Nanny Emporium will have no involvement in the recruitment process and holds no liability for any incidents within an employment relationship.


This site is for the use of carers and parents only. Businesses and agencies will not be accepted on this site. Nor will individuals who seek to advertise their business or agency on the site. This site is designed solely for personal use. When registering, individuals must provide accurate and appropriate information. Any users who aim to deceive other users in a fraudulent manner, will be removed from the site. If you experience an issue with another user, complaints may be made via the Contact Us page. Although users agree that The Nanny Emporium are not responsible for any issues between users, we reserve the right to investigate any complaints.


The Nanny Emporium reserves the right to alter or remove any existing features within the site. We also reserve the right to change the pricing structure for any available services. At no point will The Nanny Emporium refund your payments if you are unsatisfied with a change to services. Users have the right to discontinue use in this case.

Intellectual Property

All resources on the site are intended for personal use only. Commercial reproduction of any resources will breach Intellectual Property Laws. Users may request permission to redistribute content from the site.

Discontinuation of the site

In the case of a breach of the agreed Terms and Conditions, The Nanny Emporium reserves the right to discontinue a membership. The user will not be refunded upon termination.